Injectable Oxygen

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Injectable Oxygen

Post by wlerner » Fri Sep 07, 2012 5:20 pm

The insufficient supply of oxygenated blood causes ischemic injury. The paper below discusses injectable oxygen, a method to deliver oxygen into a body even when the lungs have ceased functioning. I point this article out in this forum area since I believe it is important to the Doctors and paramedics who could use these types of injections when CPR, ventilators, or the "thumper" do not work or if the lungs are damaged. The method presented in this paper does not form bubbles in blood vessels. I hope you find this interesting.

J. N. Kheir, L. A. Scharp, M. A. Borden, E. J. Swanson, A. Loxley, J. H. Reese, K. J. Black, L. A. Velazquez, L. M. Thomson, B. K. Walsh, K. E. Mullen, D. A. Graham, M. W. Lawlor, C. Brugnara, D. C. Bell, F. X. McGowan, Oxygen Gas–Filled Microparticles Provide Intravenous Oxygen Delivery. Sci. Transl. Med. 4, 140ra88 (2012).
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