Alcor Investment Club?

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Alcor Investment Club?

Post by Mike.Perry » Fri Oct 05, 2012 11:26 pm

As one possible way to hedge against currency inflation and otherwise invest for one's future cryopreservation (and no other purpose) Alcor members could create an investment corporation. It would be open only to members, and only for the purpose of funding the member's cryopreservation when the time came. Investing in precious metals might be a good strategy, mainly to retain a constant-dollar value for one's funds rather than to earn substantial additional sums over time. Or maybe there could be different portfolio options as with 401(k)s. Persons leaving Alcor or otherwise wanting to exit the organization could be returned the balance of their investments.

Mike Perry

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Re: Alcor Investment Club?

Post by TDK » Tue Nov 20, 2012 6:40 pm

Yeah, with all the talk about how to integrate into a future society,
having money when you are restored could be a very important thing.

The idea would be for each member to contribute some amount
to the fund, and then let it just accrue value. The more people
who get involved, the larger the fund would become, and
the larger the returns might be.

Alcor has it's own fund for the purposes of restoration,
but I am talking about money for the restored member's
own use and enjoyment. Most people don't have 100
years or more to let their investments grow. But in
cryopreservation, we do.

One problem with other kinds of funds or investments,
is the fact that once people die, they lose their legal
rights as owners of property, money, etc. So the fund
would need to be managed by an organization with the
integrity to keep the member's money intact, and
to keep it safe, and have some way to keep track
of each person's percentage of ownership in the fund.

I would be fine with Alcor setting something like this up.
But if they don't want to do it, I think it would be reasonable
to have some other group do something like that.

Years ago, Rudi Hoffman told me there was a thing
called the "Lichtenstein Cryonics Trust" that did
exactly that. But when I made some changes to
my insurance, he told me that organization no
longer exists. So I wonder what happened...

I found this one link about the subject of Cryonics Trusts for investments:

Seems like it's a bit ot a sketchy legal area.
But then again, if the only issue is paying taxes on the profits of the investments,
that seems pretty reasonable. Just pay the taxes.

The reason having Alcor do the fund, is because they could be trusted,
and because they would be able to pass on management of the fund
to new managers, once they themselves are cryopreserved. If it was
set up by a few individuals, it would be harder to pass on management
of the fund once the initial investors had been cryopreserved...

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Re: Alcor Investment Club?

Post by TDK » Tue Nov 20, 2012 6:41 pm

I guess my simple response is that yes, I would be interested in something like this,
if Alcor or some other reputable organization was willing to manage it long-term.

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