Membership Dues Costs and Aging

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Membership Dues Costs and Aging

Post by TDK » Wed Nov 09, 2011 7:36 pm

Another financial topic that came to mind, with the recent increase in dues,
is the fact that even if our life insurance policies can be paid off, and in full effect,
we will still have Alcor membership dues the rest of our lives.

Obviously this can be lumped into the general topic of financial planning,
but I was thinking about the unfortunate situation of someone who might
be an Alcor member their whole lives, but eventually end up without
much in the way of resources, be in a nursing home, and not have the
ability to pay their yearly dues. $1000/year might not be a huge deal
to someone in their prime earning years, but I am guessing it will
be a lot more painful once on a fixed retirement income...

This kind of thing came up for me since I don't plan on having
any children, so I can't rely on anyone else to take care of my
affairs but myself. But at a certain point I might not be capable
either mentally or financially, to keep up with payments, especially
if the amount keeps going up and up with inflation.

I vaguely recall that when I first heard about Alcor, there was a
"lifetime membership" option. That apparently is no longer an option.

It would just be nice to have some kind of option like that, so when
you do have the financial resources, you can pay for the services in full.
Similar to buying a burial plot ahead of time.

Honestly, I know it would be just as easy to put money into some kind of
trust or account that would be used to pay the dues over your lifetime.
But that requires that I know the dues amount isn't going to change.
Again, dealing with these changing financial circumstances now,
when I am in my mental and financial prime, is not a big deal.
But I worry about getting blindsided by this kind of stuff when
I am 90 years old... It would suck to put so much money into
this organization over my lifetime of membership, and then
end up unable to use the services when I finally do need them...

I'd much rather pay for a lifetime membership now,
and not have to worry about this stuff when I am old...

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Re: Membership Dues Costs and Aging

Post by bwowk » Thu Nov 10, 2011 1:35 pm

You make a good point. A related problem when members are aged, alone, and disabled is the problem of how Alcor will be notified when they become ill or legally die.

I'll relay your concern to the board the next time life memberships come up for discussion. The program was suspended over concern that the life memberships were being underpriced. If they were made available to only older individuals, that would be less of a concern.

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Re: Membership Dues Costs and Aging

Post by TDK » Thu Nov 10, 2011 2:14 pm

Even if the option is *overpriced*, I think some people would still prefer that option.

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