Wealth preservation trust comments

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Wealth preservation trust comments

Post by criley » Sun Jun 03, 2012 7:25 am

One comment I had on the wealth preservation trust would be to add a self-proving affidavit to it. It is not something that will hurt, and something that would in all likelihood be beneficial given the extremely long time frames that may be involved. The self-proving provisions are easy to add - it is merely adding witnesses and a statement. Ralph, if you wish a version of it, I will be happy to email/pm it to you. There are also versions online.

I am also curious as to why does the trust only include children now alive and not future born children? Usually one would include both under the assumption that they would be taken care of elsewhere. e.g. Suppose a mother was an Alcor member, died shortly after childbirth and did not amend the trust. Or suppose a trust had to be amended/restated after each child was born, it causes unnecessary expenses to everyone involved. There may be a reason that the sample has it, but wanted to ask.

Anyway, from a perusal I didn't see anything that was a red flag.

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