Corpses that simulate life for surgeons of the future

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Corpses that simulate life for surgeons of the future

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Des cadavres qui simulent la vie pour les chirurgiens du futur | Corpses that simulate life for surgeons of the future ... -futur.php

New process for revival in the works...? Serendipity can indeed be a wonderful moment!

Roughly translated from French:

The heart beats, blood flows, lungs swell ... yet the human body on which students are surgeons hand is a corpse, gently out of the freezer to give it a semblance of life. A system described as unique.

Called "SimLife" it was invented, manufactured and patented the anatomy laboratory of the Faculty of Medicine of Poitiers in France by Cyril Brèque specialist in biomechanics.

Until now, medical and pharmacy students learned their craft on inert body or, at best, interactive models. But "it was well aware that classical dissections do not meet expectations," says Professor Jean-Pierre Richer, Head of Simulation Centre of the faculty, inaugurated in late January.

"We had to develop while at the same time, practical training of internal decreased significantly (...) One learns more block, next to the surgeon and a real patient," says the surgeon. In France, "the new national guidelines say well" Never on the patient first '. "

The SimLife bet is to put the future surgeon situation "sticking closer to reality" but without risk to the real patient.

While in a large room, about thirty students still perform the suturing on pig's feet, in a nearby operating room, a student attends a double removal of the kidneys on a SimLife which has all the appearances of living .

The abdomen dew skin regularly raises the pulse is stable when the two surgeons incise the body of the plexus to the navel to expose the viscera. Only the strong smell and greenish betray the fact that it is a corpse, carefully thawed to go in just a few days of -22 ° C to + 37 ° C.

But the artificial blood flowing quickly restores their natural color to organs and tissues. "You see, there, the vena cava, it really is like that in reality, pink and blue," says Professor Jean-Pierre Faure, co-head of the University of Poitiers the school of surgery.

The intestines are removed gently and wrapped not to impede the result of the operation. "A snap like that, internally will not think about it. He may lose an hour, hampered by the intestines that slide and it may deteriorate, "insists Professor Faure.

After an hour of work, one kidney is removed, but bleeding occurs, rapidly absorbed by a team whose tension is palpable.

"You see, we have two professional but they are completely absorbed in their work, they forget that this is a simulation. This is real life in a block with all its vagaries. What is irreplaceable for a surgeon, is to have the touch. If we simulate breathing on these bodies, it is also to hinder the work of the surgeon, "says Dr. Richer.

Behind the operative field that hides the face of the "patient" also hides the machinery of SimLife two rolling carts topped with a single monitor.

"There is the pneumatic part for breathing, and then the hydraulic part to the bloodstream," explains Cyril Brèque as much doctor handyman. Screwdriver in hand, it fits on the fake blood injection pressure valve. "A little paint, an additive to approach the viscosity of real blood, all the material comes from DIY stores and garden centers," he smiled. irrigation pipes, the sprinkler system valves ... In total, four SimLife were designed for only 20 000 euros (about $ 34,000).

"Ultimately, all this will be miniaturized and flown in from wifi tablet. We are working on software that will integrate in advance a number of scenarios. What makes our system is that it is adaptive, "says Dr. Richer.

After the test phase, a score of end of course in internal will practice surgery on SimLife from the 2016 school year.

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Re: Corpses that simulate life for surgeons of the future

Post by RibJig » Mon Feb 22, 2016 8:51 pm

IMO, a more rational prediction how
death ends -- no mention how
death will be flipped back to life:

"A child born today will conservatively live 200 years. Their children will live significantly longer and possibly indefinitely, barring fatal accidents." :ugeek: :ugeek: :ugeek:

found here:
(notice this futurist mentions "fatal accidents" implying no future death-to-life breakthroughs...?)
(possibly because death-to-life doesn't happen in nature)

Maybe this has already been posted in forum, but: ... 1758022181

If laws would allow currently elderly & terminally ill option to freeze before death...

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